Pieces of Advice for First-Time Parents When Their Baby is Growing Up

Pieces of Advice for First-Time Parents When Their Baby is Growing Up

You have gone from the phase of being pregnant and anticipating the arrival of your new baby to being a real mum or dad with your little bundle of joy. While this period may be so beautiful as you have waited long enough to hold your little pumpkin in your hands, the period may also be overwhelming if you are first-time parents.

Not to worry, though; this article will help smoothen the journey and set you up on easy transitioning processes that will have you become a pro in no time.

  1. Ask for help

As first-time parents, it is almost always easy for you to forget that you will need other people’s help to adapt to being parents. As a new mum, you need to learn many things that will help make things more comfortable with the baby. Hence, you need experienced people around to help put you through the processes of feeding, burping, diaper change, amongst others.

You can hire an in-home baby nurse or get a responsible teen in the neighborhood to help you out. You may also invite friends and family to stay with you for a while till you get the ropes of things.

  1. Make sure you maintain a clean environment.

A clean environment helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since your child still has a developing immune system, he or she is vulnerable to get sick. Therefore, you need to ensure that the house and its environment are clean at all times. You should also ensure that you are always clean and germ-free by using hand sanitizers before handling the baby. Observing a high level of hygiene with and around your baby will help the child stay strong and healthy.

  1. Feed and burp your baby

Feeding and burping your child is one of the crucial things you need to learn how to do well. You may get your cue of when to feed your child when he or she starts to cry, suck their fingers, or when they make sucking sounds. Ensure that you do so two to three hours’ intervals, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. You should also see to it that you get the right burping style for your child. One of the widely used ones is putting a napkin around your shoulder, hugging the child to your chest across the napkin, and gently rubbing the back till he or she bilges.

  1. Get your baby toys

One of the relevant advice you will get while your baby is growing up is to get appropriate toys for their age. These child development toys will not only help to keep your baby entertained but will also help to develop his or her mental and psychological skills.


While making your child’s health, development, and safety a priority, do not forget that you matter as well. Therefore, see to it that you take good care of yourself by getting enough rest and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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