Modern Parenting – Challenges Faced

Modern Parenting – Challenges Faced

Parenthood is a lot more different and difficult than what it used to be a couple of decades back. It was seen that only males in the family used to go out for work and the females of the house were entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of the household and the little ones. With the rise in prices of products and the need to have a better lifestyle, both the people in the family have started to work to support the demanding lifestyle.
One of the major challenges faced in modern parenting is raising kids to be successful people in future. Parents find it difficult to manage both family and home, especially with kids around. Challenges grow as kids grow. Let us see a couple of challenges which parents face in the modern world.

1. Quality vs. time: Time has always been a scarce resource, which people have tried to manage. With only 24hrs in a day juggling between office, home, children and self is a challenge which not many have been successful to tame. With so much work at hand, both the parents find it difficult to spend quality time with their spouses and the children too. This creates a barrier, wherein the emphasis is only laid on earning and not on bonding. Children lose out on the love and bonding which they crave for.

2. Moral conduct: Technology has become a part of our daily life and as such differentiating between the right and the wrong, good and bad is becoming difficult. Children admire actors/actresses and are inspired by them to follow their steps. This can be good, if the child learns the good habits, however, when the actors portray smoking/drinking and children are tempted to follow them, it creates a rift between the moral and immoral codes of conduct.

3. Imbalance: with both the parents at work, they hardly find quality time to spend with children. This has resulted in the children being showered with gifts to overcome the neglect feeling. Children learn that their demand for a particular toy or dress is fulfilled when demanded for it and as such do not develop the habit of earning for the item of their choice.

4. Feelings: Feelings are an important part of our life. With both the parents working, children are deprived of the emotional bonding, which causes a big gap in their growing up. Understanding the child requires time to be spent, which is scarce in the modern world and therefore results in the bond between the parent and the child broken.
As and when each generation moves forward, new challenges come up. There was a time when our parents were there to support us and cheer us in every school event, help us with homework and also spend time with us. Children of the new generation are not very lucky and lose out on the simple joys of spending time with parents.

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