How You Can Reduce Your Child’s Daily Exposure to Toxins

How You Can Reduce Your Child’s Daily Exposure to Toxins

Our toxic load is something everybody should be aware of, and it’s even more important for small developing children. While we may assume that most environmental toxins we are exposed to come from outside, it’s actually the opposite. While it’s easy to identify sources of pollution outside, the air inside our homes is often much more toxic because of many factors. But by changing your habits and by making better choices, it’s possible to reduce the toxins inside the house for you and your family. Here are a few things you could do today to address the situation.

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Change to Organic Bedding

Young children spend a lot of time in their bed, and many aren’t aware of how toxic traditional bedding can be. There are lots of chemicals and additives used in the production of traditional bedding, which could all trigger an allergic reaction in your child. But by switching to organic bedding, you will not only be able to protect them from harmful chemicals, but will be making a more ethical and sustainable choice as well. You could start with an organic duvet cover, pillow cases and sheets, and look into an all organic mattress as well.

Get Rid of Dust

You’d be surprised at how many toxins you’ll find in house dust, and making sure that you keep the level of dust to a minimum at all times inside your home is essential, especially if you have children. House dust contains all sorts of dangerous toxic substances like lead, which could be harmful for developing children. So, make sure that you vacuum, dust regularly with a wet cloth, and wet mop your floors as often as possible.

Buy Green Cleaning Products or Make Your Own

Cleaning products are one of the main culprits when it comes to toxicity inside the house, and you should consider going green if you can. There are tons of green cleaning products on the market that mainly use nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients. You should also learn how to use everyday items around the house for cleaning. A soft vinegar solution is perfect for wood floors and windows, while baking soda can be used to scrub sinks or your bathtub.

Be Careful with Fish

You should also be careful with the type of fish you eat since many varieties can be very toxic. Some fish are higher in mercury than others, so it would be wise to look for different options. The good news is that tilapia is not on this list, so you can still enjoy it as long as it comes from reputable sources. Other fish that are considered safe include wild salmon and herring.

Reducing your child’s toxic load should be a priority if you want them to grow healthy and don’t want to trigger allergies. Make sure that you follow these few simple tips and always look for new ways to keep your house as free from toxins as possible.

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